SCORPION: Modular High Current Power Density.

Positronic Industries is proud to announce the latest addition to our extensive power connector line: the Scorpion series. This innovative product's "Next Generation" features provide solutions for today's power interface applications. In addition, the Scorpion's modular tooling allows for quick turnaround of a nearly infinite variety of customer-specified contact variants.

Customers can configure a power connector for their individual requirements from a wide array of "modules". The Scorpion's unique modular tooling provides a one-piece insulator for use as the finished connector. Power contact options include 80 amps size 8 down to 16 amps size 18 with contact resistance as low as 0.0004 ohms. Size 22 signal contacts are available as high reliability machined or commercial precision formed technology. Blank modules allow the user to space power and signal contacts to meet creepage and clearance values required for specific high voltage applications. Contact terminations include board-to-board, board-to-cable, cable-to-cable and cable-to-panel mount. The scorpion is the solution for power density. A wide variety of accessories is available, including ventilation slots in the connector housing, integral blind mate system, integral locking system, keying modules, float mounts, and panel mount clips. FEATURES: • Modular tooling produces a single insulator • 24 power / signal module configurations • Seven power contact options: current rating ranging from 16 amps to 80 amps continuous per contact. • High density signal lines • Low insertion force signal contacts (consult sales for availability) • Low Contact resistance saves energy • Keying modules offer 8 different keying positions • Blind mating, float mount, panel mount and cable connectors • Locking system and jackscrews • Printed board mount, crimp, and press fit terminations • Ventilation option to offer increased air cooling • Shielded and high voltage contacts • Sequential mate – don't turn it all on at once! • Creepage and clearance distance can be easily adjusted for high voltage applications • Coming Soon! Low profile scorpion connectors (8.2 mm max height) – ultra slim package SERVICE: • Global factory direct sales support • One-on-one customer service by phone or email • Easy-to-use web site • Excellent value • Delivery from stock • Wide variety of D-subminiature, power, rectangular and circular connectors