SCHURTER's Engineering Competences - Ideas become products - All competences under one roof

SCHURTER has a clear advantage when it comes to engineering: all competences are available under one roof. A close-knit, global network of experts takes care of all aspects from the idea, project management, simulations, prototyping to the finished product. The close proximity of product development, manufacturing and certification does the rest to ensure that a new product achieves consistently high quality and the maximum reliability demanded by SCHURTER.

Our engineers in numerous SCHURTER Group companies worldwide work closely together and have decades of experience.

Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering guarantees that the shape and appearance of our products exactly meet - or even exceed - our customers' expectations.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering. The electronics within our products are developed in-house by our experienced electrical and electronic engineers. They ensure the smooth interaction between the user and the SCHURTER products.

Software Development. Our software development engineers make sure our solutions work perfectly.

Simulation, Testing and Certification. Every crucial aspect of our products is tested. We run intensive simulations, experiments, and tests in our own laboratories.

Prototyping. HMI products are crucial for end-user experience, and prototyping assesses function and aesthetics during design, as they are used in multiple variations.