Rugged Displays for Extreme Conditions - with long lifetime availability of over 20 years!

Lumineq rugged electroluminescent displays tolerate extreme conditions such as cold, pressure, shock and vibrations better than any other display type.

These Transparent Thin Film Electroluminescent displays (TASEL) consist of a solid-state glass panel and an electronic control circuit. The glass panel consists of a luminescent phosphorous layer sandwiched between transparent dielectric layers and conductive ITO electrodes. By applying voltage to the electrodes, a pixel/segment is lit causing the area of intersection to emit light. The atomic layer deposition (ALD) enables very precise thin films – a nanometre thick – ensuring reliable, rugged displays with unique transparency and performance capabilities.

These displays have an extremely wide operating temperature range of -60°C to 105°C with a response time of 1 ms regardless of the temperature. They are shock and vibration tolerant with a 200g force shock durability for the glass and 100g for the complete unit. 85% of original brightness remains after 100,000 hours of usage and they also have high contrast and wide viewing able of 179°.

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