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Review Display Systems introduce Safe Touch solutions from leading supplier AMT

Touch supplier AMT develops new Force Touch technology featuring piezo-electric elements

Display solutions and embedded systems provider, Review Display Systems (RDS) has announced the introduction of Safe Touch solutions from leading touch supplier AMT. Safe Touch products employ a newly developed AMT touch technology known as Force Touch.

False actuations and erroneous inputs on touch screen displays can present a serious problem for many applications employing touch-based graphical user interfaces. Harsh and wet operating environments can also introduce challenges for touch-based display systems and equipment.

AMT’s Force Touch technology operates by integrating a piezo-electric element into the rear of the touch screen. By measuring the change in capacitance and voltage generated, the actuation force applied to the surface of the touch panel can be determined.

This internal mechanism helps to prevent and protect against accidental touch inputs, electrical noise, and water contact. Touch panels with integrated Force Touch technology can provide the assurance that only intentional and direct touch actuations will be registered, and also ensure that the system’s next touch input is directly user-specified.

Safe Touch panels are supplied with AMT’s unique PenMount touch controller to facilitate the configuration of a Safe Touch system. The PenMount controller has dedicated Windows and Linux drivers to aid and simplify system integration. Force Touch functionality can be configured to be ‘On’ or ‘Off’ depending on system and application requirements.

Force Touch technology is available for projected capacitive (PCap) and resistive touch panels, with both types featuring multi-touch and gesture support.

Safe Touch products employing Force Touch technology are now available from Review Display Systems. For further information, design assistance and technical support contact Review Display Systems at or call 01959 563345