New RedRock™ Magnetic Sensors Provide Design Flexibility to Next-Generation Designers

Rhopoint Components is pleased to announce NEW smaller, lower power, and more highly-sensitive versions of Coto Technology’s revolutionary RedRock™ TMR magnetic sensors. They now offer the lowest power, highest sensitivity in the smallest package available in the world!

As a global supplier of precision electronic components and sensors with more than 40 years’ experience, Rhopoint Components boasts a very high level of technical support and design in knowledge for all of our product ranges. Together with Coto Technology, we are pleased to expand on this with the launch of the latest RedRock™ sensors.

The NEW RedRock™ TMR RR121 Magnetic Sensor Series represents a huge breakthrough for design engineers seeking the lowest possible power consumption and highest sensitivity in an ultra-miniature package.The RedRock™ RR121 magnetic sensors address new generation requirements in multiple markets including medical, industrial, security, white goods and automotive.Design engineers using older technology switches and sensors will no longer have to suffer the detractions in power, size, sensitivity and cost - and will now have greater flexibility and reliability as well as cost efficiency!

RedRock™ magnetic sensors utilize the innovative TMR (tunneling magnetoresistance) effect to provide extremely low power consumption and high sensitivity. Coto’s RedRock™ sensors also feature flexible programmability in frequency, sensitivity, power consumption and package sizes to fulfill various demands for different applications.

The RR121 is ideal for applications including medical, industrial, consumer, automotive, security, and energy industries where very low average current consumption, high sensitivity, and small package size are required.Specific medical applications include portable and battery-powered medical devices like ingestibles and implantables that are hermetically sealed and need a way to be triggered without compromising their protective encasement.Many of these devices, such as capsule endoscopes, remain in “standby mode” on a doctor’s shelf for up to 18 months – so battery power conservation is critical.The RR121 is ideal for consumer appliances requiring accurate liquid level measurement, such as dishwashers, washing machines, coffeemakers, and refrigerators. The RR121 can replace historically-used large reed switches to provide a more accurate measure of the liquid level, saving energy, water usage, and costs for consumers while improving sustainability for the environment. It can also be used to measure flow of both liquids and gases in these same applications to ensure that the devices are operating accurately. That flow measurement can also be utilized in residential and commercial water meters to provide accurate reporting of usage while the unipolar response can act as an additional inherent resistance to tampering.With regard to utility meters, the RR121 can replace reed switches used in the rotational counting common to gas and electric meters as well as provide a fail-safe activation method for the wireless circuit that facilitates remote measurement as advanced metering systems replace aging infrastructure in the US and overseas.The RR121 also provides a smaller, more robust solution for residential and commercial security systems. Its small size and high sensitivity allow it to be embedded into doors jams and window sills to monitor their opening and closing and prevent unauthorized entry. They can even be integrated with ambient light sensors as part of automated window blinds that adjust to reduce solar heating, saving homes and businesses on HVAC energy costs.

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