New addition to Hitaltech’s high powered terminal blocks

A new latching PCB terminal block is the latest innovation in Hitaltech’s high powered terminal block range.

The new latching wire entry terminal block enables high current inputs and outputs to be connected to a printed circuit board at speed, without the use of a tool.

Like our other high power terminals and connectors, the blocks come in either modular interlocking versions or solid blocks of up to 8 poles and are available in a wide range of industry standard pitches, wire entry sizes up to 35mm2 and current rating up to 125 Amps. Additional options include locking screw flanges that allow the terminal block to be screwed to the PCB for additional mechanical stability.

Two-part pluggable connectors are available up to 16 poles, wire entry sizes up to 16mm2 and current ratings up to 76 Amps. For ultra-reliable connections, a screw flange option allows for the male and female to be locked together, and is ideal for high vibration applications.


All Hitaltech high power terminal blocks and connectors are suitable for high-capacity frequency converters, power supplies and battery chargers. The new high power latching wire entry is also particularly suited to industrial control applications.

Fully Customisable

Hitaltech has long been an industry leader in customizable terminal blocks. Yet the capacity to tailor the new latching wire entry terminal block with bespoke colours, markings and legends is just the start of your options.

We also offer custom configurations, which could include special pin arrangement and supplying our rising clamp terminal blocks with the clamps closed, for ease of testing.

When the end product uses multiple terminal blocks and connectors, we can kit them together, which aids production speed for the customer.