Machine Condition Monitoring Webcast Series

Discover how National Instruments can provide a condition monitoring programme that will help you drive down operating and maintenance costs. Offering a wide range of measurement and monitoring tools built on flexible, industry-proven platforms, a condition monitoring system from NI will effectively monitor plant assets, schedule maintenance, reduce unnecessary repairs and prevent unexpected machine failures.

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Condition-based maintenance can help your organisation manage the risk of unscheduled outages and failures, optimise machine performance and reduce repair time and maintenance costs. For over 15 years, NI has provided hardware and software products to solve online condition monitoring, portable diagnostic, and factory test applications.

As market pressure increases to drive down production costs in every industry, reducing operating and maintenance costs is increasingly important. You can use a condition monitoring programme to actively monitor plant assets and properly schedule maintenance, helping to reduce unneeded repairs, or worse, unexpected machine failures. Download the webcast series to learn about the future of condition monitoring and how engineers are implementing these systems.

Why You Need a Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance System

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance work together to offer several benefits including increased revenue, increased production reliability, lower downtime and lower repair costs. This session draws on the experience and expertise of a multiyear veteran in the field of condition-based and predictive maintenance.

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Measuring and Analysing Condition Monitoring Signals

Condition monitoring measurements often have unique requirements, from high bandwidth to built-in signal conditioning. National Instruments offers a flexible and cost-effective hardware and software platform for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. This session examines application use cases from machine design and test to portable diagnostics for field use to online monitoring. Each use case illustrates important criteria in the selection and use of condition monitoring hardware and software.

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The Future of Condition Monitoring

While the science and practice of condition monitoring is well understood, prediction technologies (or prognostics) remains a science under development. One research organisation has made breakthroughs in applying advanced mathematical techniques to create a prognostics software platform. The IMS Center has invested more than 10 years in research for prognostics techniques along with its industrial members. This session describes these techniques, industrial case studies where they are used and their future in the market place.

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