Is your data VULNERABLE?

A worrying number of organisations are using memory products that aren’t rugged, reliable or secure. Here’s how the US and UK military solve this problem…

Nexus Industrial Memory, with over 35 years of proven experience, provides secure data storage and cybersecurity solutions trusted by industries like military, aerospace, medical, transportation and renewables within Europe.

Our manufacturing partners offer:

  • Industrial-grade memory and storage in a unique form factor from leading partner Datakey, trusted by the US, UK, Norwegian and Swedish military.
  • Rugged and reliable options like Foremay's MIL-STD-810 compliant SSDs for mission-critical applications.
  • Unparalleled data protection to help prevent data tampering with Flexxon's read-only and WORM USB drives.
  • Advanced AI cybersecurity with Flexxon X-PHY for advanced security at the storage level.

Where other distributors have been and gone over the last 37 years, Nexus has stood firm, supplying products that stand the test of time, avoid obsolescence, and add genuine value to our customers.

Rather than kicking off with what we’ve got to sell, and just giving you a catalogue to choose from, our memory experts ask you a series of questions, properly understand your needs and then propose the best solution(s) for you, balancing needs of longevity, performance, security, ruggedness and price.

Whether you’re at a design stage, or you’ve got a project coming up in the near future, we’d love to chat – click here to book a call now.

Choose Nexus for reliable, secure, and future-proof data solutions.

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Don't compromise on security. Nexus Industrial Memory has the perfect solution for your specific needs.