Gecko Screw-Lok now with Reverse Fixings and Cable Assemblies for Design Flexibility

Gecko Screw-Lok connectors resists extreme shock, vibration & temperature, offering a secure and robust connection in demanding applications. The range of miniature 1.25mm pitch connectors includes Ready-To-Use Cable Assemblies, Metal Backshells for strain relief & RF shielding and now features Reverse Fixings for ultimate design flexibility with the same high-reliability.

The existing Gecko-SL range combines the miniature yet powerful 1.25mm pitch connector system with the ease and strength of Screw-Lok (SL) jackscrew fixings. These screw-loks are made from stainless steel to ensure a strongand secure connection.

For additional design flexibility, a reverse fix screw-lok design has been added to the range. The new screw-loks work in reverse to the existing design: the screw-loks on the male connectors are the floating fixings, and screw intothe female connectors. The female connectors have an option for board or panel-mounting, with a threaded stud on the rear of the screw-lok.

The Reverse Fix screw-lok design is available on maleandfemalecable housings, male and female Surface Mount, and male and female Throughboard. The female connectors can be chosen as basic screw-loks, or with the board-mount stud. Cable contacts and board mount nuts are available for purchase separately.