Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is a world leader in high-performance analog, mixed signal and embedded signal processing solutions. ADI continually invests in developing innovative signal processing solutions for embedded applications in industrial, automotive, healthcare and other market segments. ADI can deliver the most complete and efficient embedded solutions to the market so visit our booth located at Hall 4, Stand 234 to view demonstrations of our latest innovations in technology and design tools.

The demonstrations at the ADI booth will include: • Industrial Automation: - A complete loop powered HART smart transmitter reference design: An industrial solution for smart transmitter and HART applications will demonstrate a complete registered HART reference design. It addresses the challenges of smart transmitter design such as low power together with enhanced functionality, resolution and accuracy leading to enhanced end system productivity and reduced component size to fit restricted space constraints. - A Process Control High Speed Multichannel Analog Front End: This application demonstrates a complete 16-bit, high speed data acquisition system-on-chip. Utilizing ADI proprietary iCMOS® high-voltage industrial process technology to handle the full range of industrial signal levels, providing a complete factory pre-calibrated and tested signal chain. • Industrial Communication: - A complete EMC protection solution for an RS-485 interface, protecting against surge, lightning and electrostatic discharge (ESD), is demonstrated with a robot arm motor control application. Multiple RS-485 nodes use an externally certified EMC compliant circuit-from-the-lab®, with Analog Devices RS-485 transceivers as part of a fully tested reference circuit for EMC robustness using selected Bourns external protection devices. • Automotive: - ADI will showcase its complete signal chain for the state of the art Audio and Video processing in the challenging automotive environment. Customers will watch high definition videos and listen to high-end multichannel audio, while tuning it at great ease though its graphical user interface SigmaStudio. • DSP Blackfin: - The Blackfin BF609 Embedded Vision demo allows customers to quickly evaluate the processing capabilities of the Analog Devices dual-core Blackfin BF609 for embedded vision applications. The demo embraces several sophisticated industrial "machine vision" concepts including object detection, classification, image processing and analysis. • Healthcare: - ADI will demonstrate the ADAS1000 5-lead ECG analog front end (AFE) for diagnostic–level patient monitoring systems as well as a body worn, low power vital sign measurement platform that incorporates the AD8232 heart rate monitoring IC, ADXL362 motion sensor, and low energy Bluetooth interface for home healthcare and fitness applications. • Bluetechnix demo (Partner): - Bluetechnix combines 3D ToF (Time-of-Flight) technology with the Blackfin processor's performance for next generation 3D smart camera and sensor applications. Blutechnix also showcases its latest Blackfin BF609 System-on-Module, which is optimized for embedded vision applications. • Design Support Area: - A new Design Support area features resources to help simplify the design and will be hosted by ADI experts. Highlights are the fully tested, ready-to-integrate Circuits from the Lab™ reference circuits, the FPGA reference design for software defined radio (SDR) and the EngineerZone™ support community. From ADI's proven DSP cores and growing family of Analog Microcontrollers and our expanding partnership with the industry's leading FPGA OEMs, ADI is well positioned to deliver the most complete and efficient embedded solution to our customers. Blackfin is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc. All other trademarks herein are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Analog Devices and any other company.