Enclosure Customisation: How Does It Work In Practice?

An off-the-shelf enclosure is low cost but limiting. Bespoke offers full design freedom but at a (hefty) cost. Hitaltech’s Value Added Services offer a third option, and one innovative manufacturer has discovered the difference that can make to cost efficient product design.

EVHACS is the Co. Kildare-based manufacturer behind the world’s first combined heat pump (or air conditioner) and EV charger. Its power management system enables users to prioritise heating and cooling or car charging, ensuring power is always where the user needs it. A significant part of the design process has involved the product’s enclosure. EVHACS’ experience is a good example of how Hitaltech’s approach to enclosure customisation operates in the real world.

“We had a conversation about a year ago,” says Hitaltech UK MD Andy Fitzer. “EVHACS were looking for a communication module that could manage communication between the EV charger and other power needs. They took some standard enclosures from us and it was at that point we started talking about some of the customisation we could do, machining a new input/output hole into the thermo enclosure, for example, or printing the logo directly onto the plastic.”

Dylan Byrne, EVHACS CMO, takes up the story: “We sent Hitaltech some rough drawings which they worked up. Then they produced a free sample which we validated.”

Hitaltech: “ a really good partner”

“This is a great example of the value of bringing Hitaltech onboard as a design partner,” explains Andy. “We really like working with startups and love getting involved at the beginning because we recognise that from small acorns, big trees grow. Machining is one of our Value Added Services, which enable manufacturers to access bespoke modifications at off-the shelf prices.”

Dylan adds, “It’s the nature of start-ups, isn’t it? You’re building the plane as you’re taking off. So you need to work with people who can start and react quickly. We also like having a supplier in the EU [thanks to Hitaltech’s Italian presence] and decoupling from longer supply chains.

“Hitaltech are a really good partner to get involved with at the design stage, as their knowledge is so valuable in making the finished product as good as it can be. Even the little added value things —  like the suggestion of adding branding (via custom printing) to the product and the bespoke development of the cover… these things aren’t rocket science but we didn’t even know they were possible and they were suggested at the right time. We got technical drawings with precise measurements we can use for our records too. And the turnaround times were phenomenal.”

Award-winning impact

EVHACS is already making an impact, with Hitaltech’s enclosure helping it to claim Best Renewable Product at Architecture + Building Expo in 2023 and Best Innovative Product at the 2024 SEAI Energy Show in Dublin.

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