Cutting-edge connectivity innovations from HARTING

HARTING is a leading supplier of industrial connectivity technology for the three lifelines of data, signals and power, delivering cutting-edge products and solutions for electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking. Visit us at stand A10 at the Engineering Design Show to discover our range of robust device connectivity solutions.

Ethernet is being deployed across more and more areas of industry and is the connecting element for both IT and OT (Operational Technology). HARTING is constantly developing its Industrial Ethernet connectivity range so customers can implement robust and reliable networks for industrial use.

To simplify the installation of Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, there are new variants of the RJ Industrial® Multifeature interface. This solution supports fast assembly of network infrastructure, thanks to an integrated cutting tool which shortens assembly times by 25%.

The miniaturised ix Industrial® connector offers users a compact and industry-compatible interface for demanding applications in the PROFINET environment. It delivers Cat. 6A performance for 1/10Gbit/s Ethernet at the control level, whilst its high current-carrying capacity supports both existing and future Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications.

The ix Industrial® PCB jack is 70% smaller, enabling manufacturers to use it in more compact devices. In addition, it combines both data transmission and power supply into a single interface, further reducing the area required for connectors.

Technological advances are making Ethernet the standard protocol from the cloud to every sensor on a machine. The most important advancement in this field is the standardisation of Single Pair Ethernet, which can send up to 1 Gbit/s Ethernet over just two wires.To make Single Pair Ethernet technology accessible to further application areas, HARTING has developed a PCB terminal. Terminals simplify the connection of SPE, helping to bring Ethernet to the field level. This is particularly interesting within the context of SPE and IIoT, with low data rates from 10 Mbit/s and transmission lengths of up to 1km in industry, building and process automation.

There are new variants of the T1 Industrial interface for Single Pair Ethernet, including M12 and M8 housings, standardised according to IEC 63171-6, and new hybrid concepts for SPE plus Power, standardised to IEC 63171-7. These have been developed to meet power requirements beyond the possible 50W of Power over Data Line.

HARTING have also created modular solutions to help customers improve flexibility and quickly adapt manufacturing processes. For example, the Han-Modular® range allows you to produce a bespoke connector by combining individual modules for different transmission media. You can even use the innovative Han® Configurator tool to quickly design interfaces for your specific applications.

Other solutions in the Han® range include the 1A, a miniaturised connector designed to take up less installation space. Thanks to its flexibility, the 1A is an efficient solution for connecting tools and smaller machine modules such as heating and cooling units, fans, control terminals, lighting systems, drives and vibration conveyors.

Han-Eco® is a new series of hoods and housings, available in a range of designs including bulkhead, surface mount and cable-to-cable. Manufactured from high-performance plastic which complies with standards IEC 61948 and EN 45545-2 and offers IP65 protection, Han-Eco® offers IP65 protection and substantial weight savings. It also allows you to rear mount inserts, simplifying cabinet assembly.

Alongside connectors, HARTING also design and build custom cable assemblies. All customised products are built at their manufacturing facility in Northampton and are based on market-leading connectors from the extensive HARTING range, with services including installing components, efficiently routing cable harnesses and fabrication.

The HARTING manufacturing facility holds ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management, the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard and UL certification for Wiring Harnesses ZPFW2 / ZPFW8.

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