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An extensive portfolio of industry standard 5-inch to 12-inch TFT displays

Design-in, support and supply for a wide range of medium-size displays

Display solutions and embedded systems provider, Review Display Systems (RDS) has announced the availability of a comprehensive range of medium-sized TFT displays from 5.0-inch to 12.0-inch that are suitable for a broad range of industry sectors, applications and operating environments.

RDS can supply and support a wide range of popular, commonly used, industry-standard TFT display modules in the 5-inch to 12-inch sizes range providing an extensive range of versatile display solutions with a wide range of different display resolutions, high brightness options, a range of interface types and value-added features.

Brightness specifications of 300cd/m² up to high luminance 1000cd/m² versions are supported with long-lifetime LED backlights. High brightness specifications ensure image clarity and readability in direct sunlight, essential for outdoor kiosks, navigation systems, and industrial use. For extreme operating environments, an extended operating temperature range of -30°C to +85°C is also supported.

A variety of display interfaces are available to suit different connectivity and applications needs. Common data interfaces include CMOS, RGB, LVDS, eDP, and MIPI. LVDS is popular in industrial applications due to its low power consumption and robust high-speed data transfer capabilities.

Justin Coleman, display business manager, RDS said, “Review Display Systems can design-in, support and supply, a wide range of cost-effective TFT display modules with a variety of on-board features and value-add options. The broad product range of medium-size displays between 5-inches and 12-inches continue to be an increasingly popular choice for many industrial-based, user interface applications and provide excellent cost performance and ensure continuity of supply.”

Medium size TFT displays, in the 5-inch to 12-inch size range, are highly popular because they strike a balance between portability, visibility and provide a cost effective display solution. These displays can easily be customised with a cover glass or a resistive and multi-touch projected capacitive touchscreen, depending on the application requirements. Touch interfaces are essential for creating interactive user interfaces, while cover glass offers additional display protection and durability.

Optical bonding and UV protection options can further enhance the functionality of these displays. Optical bonding improves visibility by reducing internal reflections and increasing contrast, which is particularly beneficial in high-brightness environments. UV protection ensures longevity by preventing damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight, making these displays a robust choice for outdoor applications.

A significant advantage of this broad range of TFT display modules is the long-term product availability. Continuity of supply is imperative for industrial, medical and operation-critical applications, where equipment needs to remain functional, dependable and maintain compatibility with existing systems over many years. Long-term support ensures that these displays can be sourced consistently, reducing the risk of obsolescence and retaining product quality and reliability.

Review Display Systems’ range of high quality, medium size TFT displays from 5-inches to 12-inches offer a blend of flexibility, durability, and high performance making them ideal for a wide range of varied applications, systems and equipment requirements.

With a broad range of product options offering a wide range of brightness levels, industry-standard resolutions and interfaces, and long-term product availability, Review Display Systems’ design and development team can provide comprehensive technical support and advice to ensure that the optimum display solution can be provided.

An extensive range of cost-effective, industry standard TFT display modules are now available from Review Display Systems.

A broad range of medium size TFT display modules -