300 to 3000 Watt Cost-Effective AC-DC Power Supplies

Advanced Energy’s Artesyn LCM series power supplies bring the company’s outstanding quality to a competitive price point. These are single-output, enclosed power supplies for a wide range of applications. The series incorporates medical approvals, 2XMOPP, and digital communication for control and monitoring.

Digitally-Controlled, Cost-Effective AC-DC Power Supplies with Medical Approval

Advanced Energy's Artesyn LCM series of AC-DC power supplies provide outstanding quality and high efficiency at a competitive cost and includes safety approvals for industrial and medical equipment. The LCM series MTBF is greater than 500,000 under normal operating conditions due to careful component selection, automated production processes, sophisticated circuit design, and a digital control loop. Digital control enables rapid and cost-effective modifications to suit the exact needs of your application. With low minimum order quantities for non-stock units, integrating a custom configuration from Advanced Energy into your design is easy

Variable speed 'Smart Speed' fans draw on software controls developed by Advanced Energy to match fan speed to the power supply's cooling requirement and current load. Managing the fan in this way save power and reduces wear—extending the life of the product. These innovative fan controls also enable you to keep very low acoustic noise levels while providing self-contained thermal management.

LCM series power supplies accept operating inputs between 90 and 264 VAC (85 to 264 VAC for LCM600). Models are available in versions offering 12, 15, 24, 36, and 48 V outputs with additional offerings for LCM1500 (28 V) and LCM3000 (18 V and 72 V). All output voltages can be trimmed to a percentage of their nominal value (±10% or ±20% depending on the model), which means that almost any output voltage between 9.6 and 57.6 V can be provided by LCM series power supplies.

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