30-year partnership in Industrial Displays proves lifesaving

Review Display Systems Ltd, together with display partner Tianma, has been supplying TFT displays and touchscreen sub-assemblies to the UK medical market for over 30 years. The importance of choosing the right ‘industrial’ display for given applications and then taking into consideration factors such as long-term availability, high quality and a consistent support model have proven to be so important during these recent challenging times.

At the start of 2020 no one could have predicted the wide-ranging effects the COVID-19 pandemic would have on our work, personal lives, communities and how we communicate.

In March, the UK government started to realise the true scale of how the COVID-19 pandemic could look in the UK, and as such brought together groups of British organisations to support what was to become the Ventilator Challenge UK consortium.

At this time, the number of ventilators available within the NHS was approximately 6000 which given a worst-case scenario would mean there would be a shortfall of approx. 20,000 ventilators. The UK also had little local manufacturing base for ICU ventilators and worldwide demand would mean importing from overseas would be highly difficult if not impossible.

As an experienced ‘industrial’ display solutions provider we had been working with a UK ventilator manufacturer for many years supplying TFT displays and touchscreen sub-assemblies.

Medical Accreditation ISO 13485 allowed a smooth and efficient system was in place when the request for urgent product came from the end customer and as a UK supplier worked around the clock to a time critical demand, something for an overseas supplier would have been impossible to do at that time.

As the end customer was using a display from one of the few remaining industrial display manufacturers this ensured that a TFT display designed-in over 10 years ago was still available and when the supply was critical, deliveries were reduced from 18 weeks to 8 weeks pulling out all the stops when needed and demonstrating the focussed support to industrial/medical customers when required.

The total number of units built equated to 14,000 in approximately 10 weeks, that’s 14,000 touch screens bonded to panels, 112,000 gasket strips fitted, 84,000 screws/nuts fitted, and 14,000 boxes and bags packaged.

Sometimes it’s very easy to look at the price and specification of a product and decide it is the correct solution for your design but then overlook the supply chain behind that product. Choosing a true industrial display with the aforementioned benefits will result in a future proof design and save costs in the long run without the need for expensive re-design.

The benefits of working with a true industrial supplier gives access to the widest product spectrum in the industry, the widest range of target markets, the widest range of technologies (TFT and PCAP), comprehensive product roadmaps and a superb support team.

An ever-increasing portfolio of PCAP touchscreen options and the transition from TN to SFT (IPS) Technology (ultra-wide viewing angle and higher contrast) has resulted in superb quality display solutions. Exciting new developments in round displays 1.8” to 3.4” and square displays 4.1” give customers a design flexibility previously unavailable.

Custom solutions can be designed when a standard off the shelf product does not fit the requirements, offering either full or semi-customisation of a display, touchscreen, driver board or cover glass. For example, if the connector or FPC on a display requires changing in length or pin out changed to match a current design this is an easy task. Backlight brightness can be improved, bezel dimensions can all be customised.

The customisation of the cover glass and touch sensor really gives the end product a unique look, glass tints can be altered, brand/customer logos can be printed on the glass with different colours, cover glass size can be extended with the addition of capacitive touch sensors behind to give a really modern and aesthetic design to a product.

In summary it’s not always about the cost, (although of course this is still very important) but when the end product is required to be available for a long period of time, product failures need to be eliminated, support required (logistical and technical) on demand, then a true industrial display and a true industrial display solutions provider is imperative.

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