EMBEDDED SYSTEMS: Impressive graphics for industrial

Fujitsu's new AMD based GX-420CA SoC quad-core Mini-ITX industrial mainboard features impressive graphic performance for industrial and semi-industrial applications

Review Display Systems (RDS) recently introduced Fujitsu's new Mini-ITX mainboard based on the latest AMD Embedded G-Series SoC (System-on-Chip) platform. Designated D3313-S, the board has been optimised for a wide range of industrial, medical and semi-industrial applications having been designed to provide continuous 24/7 operation in an extended temperature range of 0 to +60°C. With a production life of at least five years the board is ideal for applications requiring any product approvals such as Weights and Measures or FDA approval. Three different AMD embedded G-Series SoC processor options make it possible to offer designers the optimum solution for their specific requirements: - Featuring impressive graphic performance the D3313-S3 uses the GX-420CA SoC Quad-core APU (Advanced Processing Unit) with the powerful integrated Radeon HD8210E graphics core. Clocked at 2.0GHz, the units maximum TDP (Thermal Design Power) is only 25W making this powerful board ideal for applications requiring a lot of graphics processing for minimal power usage. - For less demanding applications the D3313-S2 version uses the GX-217GA SoC, dual-core APU with AMD Radeon HD8280E graphics. The APU is Clocked at 1.65GHz with a max TDP of 15W. - Finally for cost driven, low power applications the D3313-S1 uses the GX-210HA SoC, dual core APU (Advanced Processing Unit) with AMD Radeon HD8210E graphics. APU clocked at 1.00GHz with a max TDP of just 9W. The advantages of the D3313-S series of mainboards compare very favourably with the D3003-S – the current Fujitsu Mini-ITX platform. Thermal Design Power is much reduced while performance is significantly higher by as much as 98%. The D3313-S has Mini PCIe with USB support on-board and USB3.0 support; competitive 'performance per pound' pricing; excellent production life-cycle starting Q4-2013 until Q4-2018; Mini-ITX chassis DS3003 fits D3313 as well (same I/O layout as previous D3003-Sx board). The Fujitsu D3313-S enables ruggedised storage with its new m-SATA-connector, mounting kit, possible wireless connections via PCIe-Minicard-socket and the extended PCIex4 expansion slot. In terms of display interface, all three versions will have available DVI-I DisplayPort and 24 bit dual-channel LVDS. RDS provides full technical support and applications advice to support the new Fujitsu D3313-S Mini-ITX Mainboard series including customisation of the BIOS allowing your own flash screen and storage of bespoke default BIOS settings. Technical support for the display interface is also in house, with a range of standard panels and cables available. Company and product info Review Display Systems has over 25 years experience in dealing with the specialist needs of engineers requiring a display solution. Representing the leading manufacturers of LCD,TFT-LCD, EL, OLED and Plasma display technologies, together with the leading manufacturer of touch screen solutions and one of the largest embedded industrial single board computer providers, ensures that we can offer the best possible technical and commercial solution to any display system requirement. We constantly monitor display related product developments around the world to ensure we can help our customers design in the latest technology, helping to make market leading products. Product ranges Displays Touchscreens Display Systems Digital Signage Embedded Computing Industrial Computing Certifications ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Industries served Industrial Consumer Contact information Review Display Systems Limited Horton Place, Horton's Way Westerham, Kent TN16 1BT T: +44 (0)1959 563345 F: +44 (0)1959 564452 E: info@review-displays.co.uk