ELECTROMECHANICAL: IEC appliance inlet for printed circuit boards

Founded in Switzerland in 1933, Schurter is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products, as well as a PCB assembly service provider for the electronics industry.

SCHURTER has developed a 16A appliance inlet for efficient printed circuit board mounting. The appliance inlet can be easily sandwiched between split enclosures and tested before it is installed in the equipment. Stabilising posts provide quick snap in assembly and version with screw mount stabilisers is also available. The GSP 4 IEC appliance inlet offers a compact solution for IEC C20 inlets used in applications where power components are board mounted. Equipped with print circuit board terminals for live, neutral and earth, along with a 6.3 x 0.8mm quick connect or solder tab for additional ground to chassis, the GSP4 can be securely snapped in or screwed on to a printed circuit board before soldering. This is achieved by means of robust stabilising posts, which also serve to absorb withdrawal and insertion force. Rear mount styles are also available with or without mounting ears. An optional back-side cover for the appliance inlet is available for protection against accidental contact. The inlet is compatible with V-Lock cordsets. The V-Lock retaining system provides a safe and secure power connection by preventing unintentional disconnection of the power cord from the inlet. The GSP4 can also be delivered in Protection Class II – that is as an IEC C24 type socket. SCHURTER's GSP2 IEC C14, a 10A model, offers the same advantages and has proven itself on the market over many years. These appliance inlets are suited for applications according to IEC/EN 60950 and fulfill the enhanced glow wire test requirements for equipments according to IEC 60335-1. They provide excellent features in power supplies, IT equipment, medical electrical equipment, lighting systems as well as test and measurement systems. The GSP4 socket is approved to IEC 60320 by ENEC and CCC for 16A/250V ac, by UL for 20A/250V ac and by CSA for 18A/250V ac. Company and product info Schurter Ltd, established in 1998 after the acquisition of Rendar, is responsible for sales, marketing, distribution and support for the UK and Ireland. Schurter is a leading partner for passive electromechanical components, with a strong focus on providing safe, clean power and on making the interface between human and machine ever easier. Based on customer requirements, Schurter develops, manufactures and provides value added services through a global network of affiliates and distributors. Serving the electronic segments of the IT/telecom, aerospace, medical, instrumentation and industrial markets, and with a particular focus on the renewable energy market, Schurter delivers solutions to equipment manufacturers who require products approved for use internationally. Product ranges Circuit protection; connectors; switches; EMC products Certifications SCHURTER products are certified according to the following standards and carry country specific approvals: UL, CSA, VDE (ENEC10), METI, CCC, KTL Contact information Schurter Ltd, Unit 8, Clock Park, Shripney Road, Bognor Regis, PO22 9NH T: +44 1243 810 810 E: sales@schurter.co.uk