ZF presents a modular speed and direction sensor kit

ZF Switches and Sensors has unveiled a new hall-effect sensor’s modular design, which allows customers to pre-select key sensor criteria including shaft length and output interface.

Supplied with a plastic housing and mounting flange, all standard parts meet the requirements of IP67, and notably IP69 for harsh environmental conditions with ingress protection at depths of 20 to 60mm.

The modular design offers users a range of housing lengths of 20, 35, 45 or 60mm with alternative shaft lengths available on request (up to 80 mm).

Key features include measurements from near zero up to 20KHz, variable shaft diameter (12 to 20 mm), 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire output, rotatable shaft head (to determine angle of wire outlet), flexible wire orientation (horizontal or right-angle), available with open-collector, PWM or current signal outputs, typical air-gap 0.3–2.2 mm (target dependent). Options available upon request are cable interface (connector upon request) and wire harness option with customer-specific connector.

Typical applications include electric drives (stationary and mobile), automation systems, conveyor belts, and wind turbines.

Other sensors from ZF include the ANG- version for angular position measurements and the LIN-version for linear position measurements. Also modular designs, ZF says they offer the same flexibility and range of options as the speed and direction sensors.

Both versions provide 12bit resolution, are waterproof to IP68 allowing them to be used in harsh environmental conditions, and comply with industrial and automotive EMC/EMI directives. The sensors are RoHS Compliant and suitable for wide air gap applications.

The new ANG- and LIN- sensor series require less space than other sensors offering similar performance, adds ZF.