Waterproof multipin circular connectors

UK based rf connector manufacturer Intelliconnect (Europe) has announced a range of waterproof multipin circular connectors predominantly housed in traditional coaxial style casings including N Type, Nim-Camac, SMA, TNC and C Type.

Roy Phillips, managing director of Intelliconnect, said: "The Intelliconnect multipin circular connector range has evolved from a number of custom connector designs we have undertaken. It features a range of signal, power and mixed configurations available in many different pin and socket combinations and housing materials and offers a compact and flexible waterproof connector solution to system designers." Up to 13 way connectors are available in industry standard shell styles and are designed to simplify control panel design and improve ergonomics. Intelliconnect also offers a cable assembly service for terminating cables to its multipin connectors. The connectors are waterproof to IP 68 in the unmated condition and for more demanding environmental requirements hermetically sealed versions are also available. The connector body may be specified in a number of materials and finishes to suit environmental conditions and design aesthetics. Typical applications include military, aerospace, medical, industrial, marine, oil and gas and rail traction systems.