USB Type-C charging is now a real option

Global Connector Technology (GCT) has launched the USB4085, a USB Type-C connector specifically aimed at power charging designs.

Developers have been exploring the feasibility of using USB Type-C for some time. Its fast charging capability, small size and reversible form factor are highly attractive features for development engineers.

The additional cost of the PCB receptacle has been a barrier, however.

To address this, GCT has worked closely with these engineers to develop a charge only version. By sacrificing the SuperSpeed differential pair contacts, 8 in total, the modified 16-pin construction of the USB4085 Type-C provides all the required full charge capabilities with streamlined USB 2.0 functionality. It gives engineers the "real option" of improving the charging capability of their designs at a price that is well within reach.

Available in through-hole mount type, there are 4 PCB retention/grounding posts to provide extra strength and integrity on the board.

The USB4085 has a 3.46mm height above PCB and is rated to 10,000 mating cycles. A set of resources is available, including 3D models, product drawings and PCB layout/footprints, aimed at making it easier and quicker for engineers to design in.