Ultra-low 1pH ESL silicon capacitor tightens voltage regulation for AI chips

Empower Semiconductor, a leading developer of integrated voltage regulators (IVRs), has unveiled the latest and largest silicon capacitor in its ECAP product family for high frequency decoupling.

Credit: Empower Semiconductor

The EC1005P is a single 16.6-microfarad (μF) capacitance device suitable for demanding power integrity targets that are often found in high-performance systems-on-chip (SoCs). It features ultra-low impedance up to 1GHz in a low profile that can be embedded into the substrate or interposer of any SoC, making it suitable for high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

The EC1005P features close-to-ideal parasitic parameters, allowing SoCs to operate with reduced voltage margining, reducing system power.

The EC1005P ECAP leverages Empower’s high-performance and high-density silicon capacitor technology to fulfill the ‘last inch’ decoupling gap from the voltage regulators to the SoC supply pins. This approach substitutes several discrete components with much lower performance and larger footprint, with a single monolithic device that provides optimal electrical performance and simplifies engineering complexity.

The EC1005P has an ultra-low sub-1-picohenry (pH) equivalent series inductance (ESL) and sub-3-milliohm (mΩ) equivalent series resistance (ESR) and is offered in a compact 3.643 x 3.036-millimeter 120-pad chip-scale package (CSP).

The device comes in a standard profile of 784-micron that can be customised for various height requirements.

Empower’s silicon capacitors provide high stability over voltage and temperature and are not subject to derating or aging like traditional multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs).

The EC1005P ECAP is available for sampling now and will be in volume production in Q4 2024.