u-blox takes continuous lane accurate positioning to challenging urban environments

u-blox has announced the u‑blox ZED-F9K high precision, multi-band GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) module with built-in inertial sensors.

The module combines the latest generation of GNSS receiver technology, signal processing algorithms, and correction services to deliver down to decimetre-level accuracy within seconds, addressing the evolving needs of ADAS and automated driving markets.

According to u-blox, the ZED-F9K's compatibility with modern GNSS correction services further improves positioning accuracy by compensating ionospheric and other errors. The multi-band, multi-constellation RTK (Real Time Kinematics) receiver module receives GNSS signals from all orbiting GNSS constellations. A greater number of visible satellites improves positioning performance in partially obstructed conditions, while increased satellite signal diversity delivers faster convergence times when signals are interrupted.

Inertial sensors integrated into the module constantly monitor changes in the moving vehicle’s trajectory and continue to deliver lane accurate positioning when satellite signals are partially or completely obstructed. When satellite signals become available again, the module combines inertial sensor data with GNSS signals to deliver fast convergence times and high availability of the decimetre-level solution.