TVS diodes to protect power lines and supplies in mobile devices

A series of TVS diodes designed to protect USB power lines and power supply connectors used in mobile devices has been launched by Toshiba Electronics Europe.

According to Toshiba, its DF2SxxP2 series protects the power lines of smartphones and tablets by suppressing malfunctions and damage from ESD, noise from induced lightning that enters via the power cord and signal cable and transient voltage at the time of turning equipment on or off.

Toshiba adds that the device can also be used to protect the USB Type-C charging lines (VBUS = 5V to 20V).

The diodes are based on Toshiba’s proprietary Zener diode process. Toshiba says this has lowered dynamic resistance to 80% of existing parts, while high peak pulse current ratings are over 30 times greater. Each diode in the series is also said to have an ESD rating of 30kV.

There will be six diodes in the DF2SxxP2 series, which are should offer power supply line voltage ratings of 5V, 12V and 20V.