Structured cabling system for ultra-fast data processing

2 mins read

To more efficiently process the rapidly rising data volumes exchanged in commercial buildings, Legrand has unveiled a new high-speed structured cabling offering.

With both fibre optic and copper solutions, the new LCS3 system is designed to provide networks with greater reliability, scalability and efficiency.

According to the company, LCS3 represents Legrand’s most advanced structured cabling system to date and is ideally suited to local area network (LAN) and data centre applications. LCS3 also offers a range of 19” free-standing Linkeo enclosures with removable side and rear panels, as well as wall-mounted units with rear, top and bottom pre-cut cable entries.

The system is said to deliver significantly improved data transfer speeds of up to 100Gbps. Thanks to its modular construction, the patch panel can facilitate a mix of fibre optic and high-category RJ45 copper connectors.

Ease of installation is central to the LCS3 system. The colour-coded variants from Cat. 5e through to Cat. 8 allow a perfect connection to be made in a matter of seconds, without the need for any specialist tools, adds Legrand. As well as promoting faster installation times, the new ‘tool-less’ RJ45 connector guarantees optimum performance of the link from the patch panel through to the workstation.

Each copper patch panel comprises of four ‘cassettes’ with capacity for 12 connectors. As such, each patch panel can accommodate up to 48 ports per unit. For simple maintenance, each cassette can be ejected at the touch of a button, while connectors can be removed without the need to disconnect the cords. Depending on requirements, splicing cassettes are available that accept all modular blocks, including a mixture of copper and fibre connectors on a cassette panel.

Copper patch panels are available in both flat and angled versions, and both employ a quick and innovative cable guiding system for tidy cable management. Angled panels offer the added benefit of allowing the cables to run into the side of rack, creating the correct cable radius of curvature. This avoids the need to manage the cables horizontally and allows the patch cords to be carried into the vertical cavities.

The LCS3 system also includes completely redesigned fibre optic panels and drawers, available in high (96 connectors) and very high (144 connectors) density options. As with the LCS3 patch panels, both fibre optic panel options offer flexible modular configuration and a fast push-button cassette ejection system. Again, the high-density variant is available with splicing units to facilitate a combination of copper and fibre optic connectors per patch panel.

Legrand’s structured cabling system also brings with it a new range of 19” Power Distribution Units (PDUs), which can be installed both horizontally and vertically without the need for any specialist tools. According to Legrand, a major USP of its latest PDUs is a power cord locking system which prevents accidental disconnection and guarantees absolute safety. When any cords need to be removed as part of maintenance or system updates, they can be removed via a dedicated unlocking button. Cables are held firmly in place by a cable guide, while the ammeter can be rotated 90° to ensure easy reading regardless of mounting position.