STMicroelectronics’ high-side switches deliver both intelligence and efficiency

New octal high-side switches from STMicroelectronics combine intelligent features and flexibility, with only 110mΩ RDS(on) (typical) per channel to preserve system efficiency, in a compact outline that saves PCB space.

The 0.7A IPS8200HQ and 1.0A IPS8200HQ-1 control capacitive, resistive, or inductive loads with one side connected to ground. With 10.5V-36V operating-voltage range and 3.3V/5V-compatible logic inputs, they are used in programmable logic controllers (PLCs), distributed I/O, industrial PC peripherals, and computer numerical control (CNC) machines.

In addition, each can be controlled through either a serial (SPI) or parallel connection, allowing extra flexibility in system design.

Both switches integrate device protection and indicate status through dedicated diagnostic pins to aid intelligent system management. Protection includes output-overload (OVL), junction-overtemperature (OVT), and short-circuit protection for each channel, undervoltage lockout (UVLO), and ground disconnection with automatic shutoff. The diagnostic outputs indicate supply-voltage power-good, case overtemperature, SPI fault, and junction over-temperature.

In addition, both devices integrate LED drivers to indicate the status of each output channel. An embedded 100mA DC/DC voltage regulator powers the LED driver, SPI logic, and input circuitry, and can also be used to supply external components such as optocouplers or digital isolators.

Meeting IEC 61000-4 specifications for ESD, burst, and surge immunity, the switches are suitable for use in equipment that must conform to IEC 61131-2 functional and EMC requirements for industrial controls.

The IPS8200HQ and IPS8200HQ-1 are in production now.