Soft starter modules: One foot-print fits a range of current classes

Infineon Technologies Bipolar has released its ‘Power Start’.

Designed for low voltage soft starter applications, Infineon believes this product will respond to the market’s need for a cost effective and compact semiconductor solution.

Power Start is said to focus on reducing the complexity and number of components. Customers, in return, should profit from shorter development times and simplified production processes of soft starters.

Infineon says that existing soft start solutions need several different housings, whereas its Power Start module, allows for one slim foot-print of 55mm. This means it should fit a broad range of current classes.

Infineon continues, saying that this feature enables straightforward integration of the module, together with the bypass contactor into the typical design space.

Power Start is designed to provide an integrated heatsink and to be mounted ‘easily’, without thermal grease.

The module makes use of double sided cooling, which Infineon says enables it to withstand overload currents of up to 2200A for duration of 21 seconds.

This, according to Infineon, delivers an industry leading ‘power to price’ ratio.