SiP blends MCU and sub GHz radio

The SAM R30 from Microchip is a system in package (SiP) device integrating a SAM L21 microcontroller alongside an IEEE802.15.4 sub GHz. According to the supplier, the SiP delivers design flexibility and proven reliability, making it suitable for connected home, smart city and industrial applications.

The SAM L21 MCU, designed around a Cortex M0+ core, runs at up to 48MHz. In the R30, there is 256kbyte of flash and 40kbyte of SRAM, 8kbyte of which is battery backed. Power management technologies and ultra-low power peripherals are said to allow the SAM R30 to typically draw less than 500nA at 1.8V in sleep mode. Configurable peripherals include up to five I2C/SPI /UART interfaces, with one in the low power domain, eight 12bit A/D converter channels and 48 capacitive touch channels with proximity sensing.

Meanwhile, the radio operates in the range from 769 to 935MHz range, covering applications in China (780MHz), Europe (868 MHz) and North America (915MHz (North America). According to Microchip, the radio supports BPSK and O-QPSK modulation, with a transmit power of up to 11dBm and a receive sensitivity of -110 dBm. This allows nodes featuring the SiP to be up to 1km apart, with the range doubled in a star topology.

The SAM R30 SiP is available in 32 or 48 QFN packages.