RS launch IP67 rated 1.80mm wire-to-wire connector system

RS Components (RS) has introduced the Molex Squba range of 1.80mm sealed wire-to-wire connectors, designed to fit into small spaces while offering IP67 protection against liquid, dust and dirt.

Squba supports currents up to 6.0 A carried over No.24 to No.22 AWG wire, delivering more power over a small wire gauge. Electronics engineers in the consumer, industrial and transport sectors are expected to incorporate ever greater functionality into their designs, making it difficult to squeeze all the required components into the available space. Many applications also experience wet or dusty conditions that can cause unsealed connectors to fail.

With a terminal pitch of 1.80mm combined with IP67 protection, the Squba connector system is designed to provide a reliable connection in space-constrained, harsh-environment applications such as outdoor lighting, HVAC equipment, security systems, robotics, industrial motors and machines, food processing equipment, liquid dispensers, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and lighting and under-dash wiring for boats and other marine vessels.

The patent-pending Molex design features a protected, low-profile positive latch that stops wires getting caught during assembly while keeping the overall connector package size small. Seal caps with protective guide channels align terminals to provide additional security against seal puncture during assembly, and also protect against seal damage during handling, shipping, insertion and operation.