Platform module development kit for securing non PC embedded applications

Atmel has announced that developers will have the ability to easily integrate the security provided by TPMs into embedded designs.

The kit simplifies code development for communicating with CryptoController, providing a jumpstart for embedded developers who have little or no experience with TPMs. The CryptoController kit simplifies embedded system code development for communicating with a TPM. Previously, developers had to have a detailed understanding of trusted platform technology in order to incorporate it into their designs. Now, this kit provides easy to use examples of how to configure and utilize the TPM in the developer’s own application. Basic TPM functionality is demonstrated, and source code is provided to enable developers to quickly implement their own security applications utilizing the higher level of security provided by the TPM. The CryptoController development kit includes a small TPM SMBus module board mounted on an AT90USBKEY board; a standard A to mini B USB device cable; a mini A to receptacle A USB host adapter; 9-Volt battery alternate supply cable; and USB flash drive containing documentation and demonstration software. The USB interface provides trouble free connectivity and flexibility. Designers can initiate code development using any PC to build a hardware root of trust in any embedded system.