PIC32 based microcontroller development kit

Microchip has announced the availability of a PIC32 32bit microcontroller based development kit through Digilent.

The Digilent Cerebot 32MX7 Development Kit is said to address the growing interest in embedded control and networking applications from academics and hobbyists, by helping them to learn about microcontrollers and to solve real problems. The kit includes a demonstration board with a 10/100 Ethernet interface, dual CAN and I2C interfaces, the ability to use Digilent Pmod peripheral modules, and an integrated programming/debugging circuit that is compatible with Microchip's free MPLAB IDE. Example applications include university embedded systems and communications classes, senior capstone projects, and numerous other academic and hobbyist projects. The Cerebot 32MX7 board features numerous I/O connectors, and power supply options such as USB power, which give users the flexibility to use the board for a range of embedded networking and control applications. The onboard PIC32 mcu operates at 80MHz, and features 512Kbytes of Flash programme memory and 128Kbytes of RAM, as well as peripherals such as a full speed USB On The Go (OTG)/Host/Device controller, Ethernet controller, dual CAN controllers, timer/counters, serial interface controllers, an a/d converter and more. The Cerebot 32MX7 board combines three push buttons, four LEDs, Ethernet, CAN and I2C bus connectors, and six connectors for Digilent Pmod peripheral modules, including H bridges, a/d converters, d/a converters, rf transceivers, speakers and switches, as well as converters for easy connection to RS-232, servo motors. The free versions of Microchip's MPLAB IDE and C Compiler for PIC32 mcus can be downloaded now, from http://www.microchip.com/get/BG6A.