OCXO delivers ‘leading’ phase noise performance

IQD's new IQOV-200F oxco is said to deliver industry leading phase noise performance, with a close-in measurement of -130dBc at 100Hz and a noise floor better than -180dBc.

The device uses a specially designed circuit to allow optimisation of these parameters during production. In addition, it delivers a frequency stability of ±50ppb over the standard -20 to 70°C operating temperature range. Housed in a 36 x 27mm package and running off a 12V supply, the IQOV-200F offers a sinewave output of 13dBm min. Any frequency from 80 to 130MHz can be ordered. The product is suitable for any application where phase noise is a critical design consideration, such as test and measurement systems and high frequency measurement systems operating in the GHz range.