New 300W 1u medical grade power supply designed for fanless operation

Photon Power Technology has introduced the new 300W medical grade open frame power supply, the MPM-U300 series from the highly successful Taiwanese manufacturer Magic Power.

The MPM-300U offers the user 300W under convection cooling and 360W with forced air. Parallel operating is possible providing up to 720W with leakage current under 300micro-amps, whilst the active PFC meets class D and conducted EMC meets CISPR/FCC Class B. Like many other Magic Power products, The MPM-U300 is designed for fanless operation offering the OEM user lower noise and higher reliability. It is RoHS compliant, and fits within 1U height constraints with outline dimensions of 198(L) x 97(W) x 41(H) mm and has a convection cooled operating temperature range from -20 to 50°C with no de-rating. A key feature is the ultra low leakage current, below 150 micro amps making this power supply suitable for multiple unit integration and is designed for direct patient contact (BF) medical equipments. An optional top cover is available and input and output connections are via terminal blocks. The MPM-U300 is fully approved to EN 60601-1 3rd edition medical safety regulations, and provides remote voltage sensing, short-circuit and over voltage protection. Output voltages are adjustable and have the option of a 5V standby output. The modular design of this medical grade power supply allows for the development of option modules for additional outputs, redundancy and UPS functionalities. Photon Power Technology Ltd is a UK based specialist manufacturer of Low and High Voltage Power supplies and the Authorised distributor for the Taiwanese Manufacturer, Magic Power Technology Ltd.