MCU based motor control development kit

A single board, low voltage motor control development platform from NEC Electronics Europe allows evaluation of the company's 16bit 78K0R/Ix3 motor control mcu family.

Targeted at designers interested in the development of brushless dc (bldc) motor control firmware, the 78K0R – Spin it! kit is suitable for low voltage and low power applications. It features a four digit 7 segment LED display, 12V to 15V bldc motor drive using uPA2792 complementary power mosfets and the 8bit uPD78F0730 mcu. There are three interface options provided. The on board uPD78F0730 mcu features USB functionality, allowing for source code debugging, flash memory programming and operation with the host computer. In addition, there is a MINICUBE2 interface, offering low cost support for source code debugging and emulation through dedicated hardware and the IAR environment. Finally, wireless remote control is supported through an on board ZigBee stick interface. The kit includes the single board drive controller, low voltage bldc motor, USB cable and a 15V, 1A power supply unit.