Maxim extends DeepCover family of secure microcontrollers

The MAX32558 is the latest addition to Maxim’s DeepCover family of secure microcontrollers, designed to offer manufacturers of security-sensitive industrial, consumer, computing and internet of things (IoT) devices a faster way to build in secure cryptographic operations, integrate key storage and enable active tamper detection.

The device offers these features while enabling designers to save up to 50% of PCB space versus the closest competitor, adds Maxim.

The MAX32558 DeepCover Arm Cortex-M3 flash-based secure microcontroller includes secure key storage, a secure bootloader, active tamper detection and secure cryptographic engines. It also supports multiple communications channels such as USB, serial peripheral interface (SPI), universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART) and I2C.

Maxim says its experience in payment terminal certifications as well as its established support and technology can help streamline the certification process for customers, reducing the process up to 6 months’ time – rather than the typical 12 to 18 months.