Low profile Molex ClipLok interconnect clip

Molex Incorporated has introduced the ClipLok interconnect clip, an electromechanical connection that attaches to secure a membrane switch or FPC tail firmly to a printed circuit board, eliminating the need for mating connectors at each point.

The low profile ClipLok interconnect clip is designed to provide immediate and reliable circuit to board connectivity in a range of consumer, medical, networking and telecommunications applications. The latest addition to the company's line of integrated switch assemblies, the ClipLok interconnect clip is said to offer a less bulky alternative to other circuit to board interconnect methods. The mechanical component bonds circuits together by means of a spring type mechanism. Electrical connections are achieved when the switch circuits are wrapped around the edge of the board.A built in feature on each ClipLok interconnect clip guides the assembler in the correct placement of the clip and circuit. Molex's ClipLok interconnect clip and membrane switch assemblies are qualified through tests based on ASTM (American Society of Testing and Material) standards. All manufacturing facilities are ISO9000 and ISO14000 certified.