LEM launches 800V HAH3DR current sensor for three phase power modules

LEM has launched the HAH3DR S07/SP42, a new compact current sensor designed for 800V three-phase power modules.

Developers of automotive traction inverters are increasingly using three-phase power modules such as the Hybridpack Drive from Infineon. These modules are now adopting the more efficient SiC MOSFET technology, allowing vehicles to use 800V battery systems that offer faster charging and longer driving range.

The HAH3DR S07/SP42 three-phase sensor has been designed to fit these 800V power modules. Fully calibrated over temperature and stable over the unit’s lifetime, they enable a quick time to market with little R&D effort. This makes them suitable for companies developing small passenger vehicle platforms, trucks and buses while restrained by limited R&D resources.

The new current sensor offers a wide selection of current measuring ranges from 700A to 1200A, and compared to existing units in the HAH3DR family, the package isolation characteristics have been upgraded to cope with the challenge of 800V power modules. As well as the new sensor, LEM also offers a large choice of packages and current measuring range options.

The HAH3DR S07/SP42 features an enlarged aperture that can accommodate busbars up to 1.5mm thick, making it compatible with newest generation of power modules.

It is also compatible with power modules from various other suppliers, such as the Acepak Drive from ST Microelectronics, the SSDC from ON Semi, and others such as Starpower and CRRC.

As an upgrade of an existing well proven product family, the HAH3DR S07/SP42 is backwards compatible with the first generation HAH3DR S07/SP4 for 400V inverters, meaning no design changes are needed to use the new device.

The HAH3DR S07/SP42 is suitable for ISO 26262 safety-relevant applications within specific conditions, for which LEM can provide a safety enabling customers to achieve up to an ASIL D at the inverter level.