Large Can MOSFETs suit industrial applications

A new family of DirectFET MOSFETs has been introduced by International Rectifier.

The Large Can devices are aimed at industrial applications requiring ultra low Rds(on), such as high power DC motors, DC/AC inverters, and high current switching applications such as active ORing hot swap and eFuse. Available in a low profile (0.7mm) package, the mosfets provide dual-side cooling that can maximise thermal transfer and help increase power density. DirectFET also has the optimum die-to-footprint ratio, leading to a reduction in board space. As with the entire DirectFET family, the new industrial Large Can devices offer wire bond-free construction for improving reliability performance. Moreover, the DirectFET package meets all RoHS requirements such as a completely lead-free bill of materials, and is therefore well suited to long lifecycle designs. The 40 to 150V devices are qualified to industrial grade and moisture sensitivity level 1 (MSL1).