KEMET expands ESD rated ceramic capacitor portfolio

KEMET has expanded its electrostatic discharge (ESD) rated ceramic capacitor series into a complete product portfolio.

ESD events may cause undesirable operation in a circuit and possible damage due to human contact, which is a major cause of electronic equipment failures during circuit assembly or in the field. According to KEMET, these issues are estimated to reduce assembly-line productivity by up to 33%.

Automotive and commercial grades are now available in EIA 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206 case sizes. with voltage ratings of 16 to 250VDC. These devices provide miniaturisation and enhanced flexibility to optimise ESD suppression, RF filtering, blocking, sensing, and circuit protection.

The product portfolio offers additional case sizes, voltage ranges, capacitance values and ESD ratings with more options for ‘a wider variety of customer applications’. Design engineers can choose either X7R or C0G dielectric for circuits requiring Class-II or Class-I stability and noise performance with the ability to design to given ESD criteria per the Human Body Model AEC-Q200-002.

KEMET says its ESD rated capacitors enhance circuit protection of integrated circuits, and the smaller dimensions simplify designs while minimising impact on overall form factor.