JTAG unveils high integrity interface to MAC Panel SCOUT

JTAG Technologies has released a new JTAG/boundary scan hardware interface product compatible with the MAC Panel SCOUT mass interconnect system.

The JT 2147/DAK is a signal conditioning module that allows 'perfect world' connections from JTAG Technologies' PXI DataBlaster to the SCOUT's connection system. Based on the company's QuadPod architecture, the JT 2147/DAK has been designed to locate in the form factor allowed by MAC Panel's 'Direct Access Kits' (DAKs). According to JTAG, using the JT 2147/DAK, test system builders can simplify wiring tasks and, at the same time, retain 'excellent signal integrity'. The JT2147/DAK features four independent JTAG test access ports (TAP) along with 16 user assigned DIO channels. Each TAP can be programmed to operate through a range of voltage levels to suit various logic families. JTAG/boundary scan applications prepared using JTAG Technologies' ProVision or 'classic' software tools may be executed on this PXI platform with driver packages that are available for NI LabView, TestStand and LabWindows alongside Geotest ATEasy and a number of generic language compilers (e.g. .NET framework, C++ and VB). DAK adapters utilse standard MAC Panel series connector modules, providing a wide variety of contact types. The connection between the PXI instrument and receiver module is accomplished using either a passive printed circuit board, active signal conditioning module (as with the JT 2147/DAK) or flex circuit.