Integrated slave transceiver for remote meter reading applications

ON Semiconductor has introduced a new integrated slave transceiver for use in two-wire M-BUS slave devices and repeaters.

The NCN5150 provides all necessary functionality to satisfy the EN 13757-2 and EN 1434-3 standards that describe the physical layer requirements for remote meter reading M-BUS applications in multi-energy, heating and cooling, water and gas meters. In addition, the device achieves UART communication speeds of up to 38400 baud and includes a programmable power level of up to two (SOIC packaged version) or six (QFN packaged version) unit loads, which are available for use in external circuits through an integrated 3.3V ldo regulator. Low internal power consumption makes extra power available for the sensor in the application, while low voltage bus operation (down to 9.2V) allows operation on extended M-BUS networks.