Infineon smart switch supports fuel saving technology

Infineon is launching a new member of its FLEX multichannel low-side switches family that will help reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions.

The TLE9104SH is the first smart four-channel low-side switch for currents up to 5A DC in 12V systems. This allows controlling actuators such as high-precision port fuel injectors, high-energy valves or high-current relays in engine management, transmission control and battery management systems.

Among comparable products on the market, the TLE 9104SH is benchmark regarding current and energy capabilities as well as package footprint. With an R DS (on) of 300mΩ at 150°C, it comes in a cost and size optimised DSO-20 package with a footprint area of about 80mm².

It is equipped with a 16-bit Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for control and diagnosis. All channels are protected against over-current/temperature and enhanced with an active clamping circuitry for driving inductive loads. Load status detection is possible over the SPI for: Short to Ground (SCG), Open Load (OL), and Short to Battery (SCB). Four input pins are available for direct control of the switches.

Safety features include an extra output enable pin, SPI communication watchdog and output stage status information available via SPI. This makes the product an ideal fit to safety critical automotive and industrial applications.