Infineon introduces CoolMOS S7T with integrated temperature sensor

Infineon Technologies has launched the CoolMOS S7T product family with an integrated temperature sensor to improve the accuracy of junction temperature sensing.

The integration of these products will help to improve the durability, safety, and efficiency of many electronic applications. The CoolMOS S7T is best suited for solid-state relay (SSR) applications for enhanced performance and reliability due to its superior R DS(on) and the highly accurate, embedded sensor.

Since SSRs are fundamental components in various electronic devices, customers can benefit in many ways from a superjunction MOSFET with an integrated sensor in the same package. Infineon’s approach has improved the relay’s performance and ensures reliable operation even under overload conditions. The integrated temperature sensor provides up to 40 percent greater accuracy and ten times faster response time than a standard independent on-board sensor located at the drain. Additionally, the monitoring process can be performed individually within a multi-device system for improved reliability.

The CoolMOS S7T enables the optimal utilisation of the power transistor, resulting in enhanced performance and precise control of the output stage. Compared to electromechanical relays, the total power dissipation can be improved up to two times, while current solid state triac solutions are more than 5 times less efficient.

Improved efficiency and the ability to handle higher loads help in reducing power consumption and energy costs.

Output stage performance, coupled with a significant overcurrent threshold, bolster relay reliability and minimises the risk of failure and downtime. The rugged switching solution also ensures safer operation.

As a result of the MOSFETs increased robustness, the life of the relay is improved, leading to less frequent replacement and lower maintenance costs.