In-circuit debugger with improved speed and flexibility

The MPLAB in-circuit debugger (ICD) 4 from Microchip is an in-circuit programming and debugging development tool for the company’s PIC microcontroller and dsPIC digital signal controller portfolios.

According to the company, the MPLAB ICD 4 includes all the features of the MPLAB ICD 3 debugger while adding increased speed through a faster processor and increased RAM.

The significant improvement in speed is said to be accomplished through a 32bit MCU running at 300MHz. The company claims faster processing – together with an increased buffer memory of 2MB – results in a product that is up to twice as fast as its predecessor.

The puck-shaped MPLAB ICD 4 is housed in a durable, black case with a brushed aluminium top and is accented with an LED light strip to indicate debugging status.

The tool is also said to offer a wider target voltage range from 1.20 to 5.5V; an optional 1A of power using an external power supply; a selectable pull-up/pull-down option to the target interface; configurable interface speed for optimised programming and debugging; intelligent, robust interface with fault detection and immunity; and JTAG debugging capability.

The MPLAB ICD 4 supports all PIC MCUs and dsPIC digital signal controllers in the Microchip portfolio through the MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment. According to the company, this simplifies the design process for customers when they choose to migrate from one PIC MCU to another.