hSensor platform for rapid prototyping in wearables

Designers of wearable health, wellness, and high-end fitness applications can quickly and easily validate next-generation solutions with the hSensor Platform – according to its maker, Maxim Integrated Products.

The hSensor platform is said to eliminate the extra 3 to 6 months it typically takes to develop a prototype by bringing all the hardware building blocks together on one PCB, as well as having hardware functionality with the ARM mbed hardware development kit.

Measuring 25.4 x 30.5mm, the platform includes an hSensor board, complete firmware with drivers, a debugger board, and a graphical user interface. With access to firmware source code on Maxim’s website, the platform is claimed to allow designers to load algorithms for different use cases and adapt to their specific applications. Customers can download the firmware to optimise designs, enable faster evaluations, and reduce time to market.

The hSensor platform includes:

  • MAX30003: Ultra-low power, single-channel integrated biopotential AFE
  • MAX30101: High-sensitivity pulse oximeter and heart-rate sensor
  • MAX30205: Clinical grade temperature sensor
  • MAX32620: Ultra-low power ARM Cortex-M4F microcontroller
  • MAX14720: Quiescent current power management integrated circuit
  • Additional content: Inertial sensors (3-axis accelerometer, 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope), barometric pressure sensor, flash memory, and BLE radio