High density PXI rf SPDT switches

Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI rf switches with the introduction of the 40-754 SPDT switch module.

The 40-754 supports up to 17 off SPDT rf switches in a single module and is available in two different versions based on a common switch design. The high density version occupies just one slot of a 3U PXI chassis and uses a high density MS-M RF multiway connector that is suitable for switching frequencies to 500MHz. The higher frequency version is two slots wide and uses SMB connectors and suitable for switching signals to 1.2GHz. The 40-754 is the highest density SPDT switch available in the standard PXI format and is suitable for use in both commercial and military ATE systems. Pickering says it is an ideal replacement for use in older VXI-based military ATE applications that are being replaced and/or upgraded by PXI/LXI solutions where great numbers of SPDT are used as standard rf switch sub-assemblies. The two models use a switch design based around high quality electro-mechanical relays and in addition to being supported in any PXI compliant chassis can be supported in Pickering Interfaces Modular LXI Chassis'.