Harwin extends Datamate cable assembly portfolio

Harwin has strengthened its connector cable assembly offering, with additional variations for its 2.00mm pitch Datamate high-reliability (Hi-Rel) connector assemblies.

Harwin will be adding 61 new variants to its cable assembly portfolio and the additional cable assemblies cover male and female connections, with numerous contact count and cable length options available. These come in both single-ended and double-ended configurations and 150mm, 300mm and 450mm cable lengths can be supplied.

Contact options also include the high performance T-Contact, which is capable of up to 8.5A.

For assemblies with extended rear wall housings, epoxy resin backpotting is included to provide added strain relief. All connectors have stainless steel jackscrews incorporated for extra secure mating and vibration resistance.

In line with all products in the Datamate series, these cable assemblies have the mechanical robustness required for Hi-Rel deployment. As well as supporting 500 mating cycle lifespans, they exhibit superior resilience to both shock (100G within a 6ms period) and vibrational forces (10G for 2 hours on each axis). They also offer a broad working temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.