Gateway to simplify IoT solution development

The FX30 from Sierra Wireless is said to be the smallest, most flexible and rugged programmable cellular gateway. It provides a pre-certified, integrated embedded platform to connect any machine to any IoT application or cloud – enabling fast, scalable and global deployment of IoT solutions.

According to the company, the FX30 also provides Legato open source Linux-based programmability and 2G, 3G and LTE connectivity to manage any type of machine, including industrial equipment, laboratory and medical equipment, automation systems, commercial appliances, and portable and renewable energy systems.

Fleets of FX30s can be monitored, managed and controlled remotely through the AirVantage Cloud Services. Legato offers a secure application framework and its APIs enable users to connect to any cloud or network.

The FX30 is suitable for both regional and global deployments providing 2G, 3G and 4G options, global banding combinations, and numerous certifications. The FX30 supports the multi-operator Smart SIM and future releases will also support the GSMA eUICC specification for remote provisioning, allowing subscriptions to be remotely updated over-the-air.

The FX30 is available in both Ethernet and Serial variants, and supports an IoT connector to enable hardware extensions to interface with a range of sensors, and wired and wireless networks.

The device offers low power consumption, consuming less than 1W in idle mode and 2mW in low power mode, making it suitable for solar and battery-powered applications. Security features include support for the Lightweight M2M protocol and pre-shared key encryption.