Fast switching low leakage diodes

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the DLLFSD01x series of switching diodes, aimed at designers who require ultra-low leakage and super-fast switching speeds. The diodes are suited for used in LCD displays, portable electronics and numerous computer and consumer products. These devices are particularly applicable to systems that require high power efficiency and low switching loss.

The DLLFSD01x series of switching diodes features a typical 5nA leakage current that is said to reduce system power consumption and increases energy efficiency. The devices feature a switching speed of trr=4ns, which is also claimed to contribute to greater efficiency by reducing switching loss in the end-application. Additionally, a capacitance of around 0.5pF means these switching diodes are easy to drive.

With a choice of leaded and leadless packages, the DLLFSD01x switching diodes enable small form-factor designs with superior performance compared to competitive products.