Fast isolated gate driver for high-voltage applications

A 5.7kV RMS isolated dual channel gate driver – the first of a new gate-driver family – has been introduced to Texas Instruments’ isolation portfolio. It is said to be the fastest in the industry.

The UCC21520’s universal compatibility enables its use as an isolated driver in low-side, high-side, high-side/low-side or half-bridge power management designs. With its integrated components, advanced protection features and optimised switching performance, the UCC21520 helps designers build small, robust designs for enterprise, telecommunications, automotive and industrial applications.

Developed for high voltage applications, the UCC21520 provides reinforced isolation of 5.7kV RMS and surge immunity tested up to 12.8kV, with more than 100V/ns common-mode transient immunity. The device enables high power density and efficiency – resulting in smaller solution size and reliable operation over end equipment lifetimes – by delivering a propagation delay of 19ns and a channel-to-channel delay matching of less than 5ns.

Key features:
• Higher power density for smaller solutions: The 4A source and 6A sink current of the UCC21520 reduce switching losses via faster rise times of 6ns and fall times of 7ns for a 1.8nF load in high frequency switch mode power applications.
• Isolation robustness: surge protection of up to 12.8kV and noise immunity of greater than 10V/ns.
• Flexibility: input voltage of 3V to 18V, programmable dead-time control, and dual channelling and paralleling of outputs.
• Low power consumption: standby power as low as 1mA per channel.