electronica - 8pin logic package for mobile, portable and IoT apps

The leadless logic package for 8 lead logic functions from NXP Semiconductors is said to be the world’s smallest.

Measuring 0.8 x 1.35 x 0.35mm, the GX 8 which comes in an SOT1233 package reduces PCB assembly costs and is suitable for mobile, portable and IoT applications. With less than 0.4mm pad pitch, the package offers ease of assembly and less risk of shorts, without the need for a step-down mask, Type 4 solder, or the restrictions on PCB placement.

With the 8pin package, it is said that most Mini Logic functions are available. The logic devices are used to provide the interface between the different ASICs. Standard functions include LVC, AUP and AXP, as well as inverters, buffers, Flip-flops, combination logic, and OR, AND, NAND and NOR dual gates.